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Divine’s little helper and Mothering Sunday



For the past week and a half I, a work experience student from Waldegrave School (and daughter of the artist Jane Kell),has been jittering around the shop ‘helping’ with customers by giving the wrong change and sitting in the corner as I condition and fiddle with the beautiful flowers.
I have completely enjoyed my time here as I have been warmly welcomed by all the ladies in the shop and I have been treated as an equal and been given jobs that I don’t quite feel qualified to do but have been given all the same.
Many lessons have been learned during the week preparing for Mother’s Day. The Saturday, which took all of us by surprise with its stampede of customers and orders, was very busy and made me realise floristry was more than just looking at pretty flowers but involves a lot of hard work. We also all learned that raffia was the source of all of Mrs. Neat’s (aka Deborah) nightmares and that the flower conditioning was never ending!
Overall this has been a memorable and extremely fun experience for me and I am sad to go back to school on the Monday coming. And that is all thanks to Leigh, Lilian and Deborah.

I am Josie Kell, thank you for taking the time to read this.

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